Flag of Panama

La Patria is memory… Scraps of life
wrapped in ribbons of love or of pain;
the murmur of palms, the commonplace songs,
the garden, stripped of its flowers.

Such a small country, all of you will fit
beneath the shadow of our flag: perhaps
you were so pretty, to ensure I’d carry you
everywhere in my heart!

~Ricardo Miro

Panamanian poet

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Did You Know?

  • Some claim that Panama’s name comes from a native word meaning an “abundance of fish” or one meaning an “abundance of butterflies.”
  • In Panama, using a finger to draw a circle in the air means one is coming right back.
  • Many rural men wear collared, button-down shirts with four pockets called guayaberas.
  • After a nine-year expansion was completed in 2016, the Panama Canal, a major international trade route, more than doubled its cargo capacity.

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Panama Canal Map