Utah School Report Card

OPA's 2021-2022 Internal School Report

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OPA's Annual School Report Card

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The new Utah School Report Cards measure the achievement and growth of Utah schools. They were released on January 3rd and can be found at the website: https://utahschoolgrades.schools.utah.gov/

The goal is to provide context to parents and other members of the public as they assess the quality of schools. The new report cards give the public a detailed look at student achievement and growth.

Grades 3 to 8th

  • School Proficiency in English/Language Arts
  • School Proficiency in Math
  • School Proficiency in Science
  • Academic growth in LA, Math, & Science
  • Academic growth of students in lower quartile
  • Academic growth of ELL ( English Language Learners) students

High School

  • Indicators of student readiness for college/post-secondary education
  • School graduation rates
  • ACT test scores
  • Numbers of students taking advanced courses

Go to the Utah State School Report Cards website:


There are several ways you can find the school

Click in the search bar:

Type in the school that you’re looking for or you can scroll down to the school:

Once you start typing in the name of the school it will pop up with the options to match.

Another way to search is by clicking on Map and clicking locating the school on the map.

Here is some information about Ogden Preparatory Academy.  When on the website, click on the blue view detail buttons for more in depth information.

OPA Achievement

OPA Growth

The growth of our lowest 25 % of students has gone up 8.8% since 2017:

Schools will be assessed on a five point scale in different areas used to assess school performance:

  • Exemplary
  • Commendable
  • Typical
  • Developing
  • Critical Needs


The aspects that will be assessed include:

  • academic proficiency and growth in core subjects
  • progress on English language proficiency
  • graduation rate
  • performance on the ACT college entrance exam and success in readiness coursework, which includes Advanced Placement and concurrent enrollment participation
  • students who complete career and technical education Career Pathways.

School Success

Tips for Parents: Student Success


Helping Your Child Succeed in School


PTA: Parent’s Guide to Student Success


Language Arts:

Read Aloud



Reading and Writing with Your Child: Kindergarten to Grade 6


Reading Rockets



A Family’s Guide: Fostering Your Child’s Success in School Mathematics


Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics:


Helping Your Child do Mathematics: A Parent’s Guide


Doing Mathematics with Your Child: A Parent’s Guide Kindergarten to Grade 6



Helping Your Child Learn Science


National Science Teachers Association: Books and Resources


Science Bob


Crash Course Kids


Website Resources:

Parent Resources: Additional Resources


Utah’s Online Library

Ask your librarian for the home access password


Check out the school’s website to follow what your child’s teacher is doing in the classroom: