Metadata Dictionary

Ogden Preparatory Academy, in compliance with HB 358 and SB 102, has initiated a strict policy and protocol procedure for evaluating all third-party vendors who have access to any student data.  Interactive websites and apps collect student data such as location, name, phone numbers, likes and dislikes, routines, and more. Ogden Preparatory Academy works to protect student data, both submitted by the student and generated by third-party companies. Ogden Preparatory Academy evaluates all third-party vendors to ensure that student data is secure and vendors meet all state and federal requirements.

In order for a third-party vendor to be approved, they must go through the evaluation steps:

  1. Teachers and Staff will use the following Digital Tool Form to submit the digital tool to Administration for consideration.
  2. The Data Manager and Information Security Officer, working with the OPA Administrative Team, will consider the digital tool and vendor.
  3. If the digital tool is eligible for a security agreement, OPA will enter into the agreement with the vendor.
  4. Once an agreement is formalized, information regarding the digital tool and vendor will be added to the Metadata Dictionary.
  5. If no agreement can be established, the website/app will be blocked for use and no information shared.

Follow the link below to see OPA’s metadata dictionary with approved websites and apps.

OPA’s Meta Data Dictionary (MDD)