Curriculum at OPA

OPA offers a dual language program (English/Spanish) for students to be exposed and educated in Spanish. All curriculum course offerings are aligned with the Utah State Core Curriculum and Statewide Assessments. The curriculum addresses the needs of each language group including: primary language development, second language acquisition, development of cognitive language and literacy skills, and the development of cross-cultural understanding.

The objectives and themes in OPA’s curriculum for grades K-6 are based on the Utah State Core Curriculum. The curriculum incorporates theoretical foundations of a core education and second-language acquisition to implement effective program models. Using a thematic approach, content and literacy instruction are offered to all students in both languages. ESL techniques are evident in all classrooms to assist both the language-minority students and English-proficient students.

Common Core Standards

Utah is one of over 40 state and territories that are adopting core standards for English Language Arts & Mathematics to a set of common standards common to all states. This initiative was organized by the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. The common core standards will help ensure that students are receiving consistent education from school to school and state to state. Our teachers have attended and will attend professional development to familiarize themselves with the Common Core and have begun integrating it into their instruction this year. For more information about the Common Core you may visit:

Common Core: State Standards Initiative