Committed to Wellness

Ogden Preparatory Academy believes in student wellness.  Because we believe:

  • Children need access to healthy foods and opportunities to be physically active in order to learn, grow and thrive;
  • Good health will foster good attendance and increase the ability for academic learning;
  • That education in individual health habits such as good eating, personal exercise, and hygiene is established in childhood, and this education can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity and other major diseases on the rise in the United States;
  • That school should be a model for helping children learn healthy eating habits, we need to provide a diet consistent with USDA guidelines;
  •  In the whole child, Physical and Mental, and understand that to learn a child needs to be healthy. We want a well educated and healthy child now and throughout their entire lives;
  • That a good example is a great educator;

Ogden Preparatory Academy is committed to providing a school environment that will promote and protect the students and staff wellbeing, health, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating, physical activity, and wellness education. We will increase awareness and support of Healthy Lifestyles in the school and in our community.

Ogden Preparatory Academy believes that extracurricular activities are key contributors to a students wellness.  Because of this belief, we are proud to offer a variety of Sports and Activities for our students in addition to their core schedule.

If your student is interested in participating in any of our Sports or Activities, please visit the links below for more information or contact us.

Boys Basketball Game Schedule 2022-2023

Boys Basketball Schedule 20222-23