Youth Art Month Workshops; Building Community through Art

OPA Jr. High School

Tuesday March 6-Artist Trading Cards

Make your own artist trading cards workshop; trade and collect them all! Junior High Rm 211 3-4:15

Thursday March 8- Color Our World;

Design coloring sheets to be made into the first OPA coloring book! Junior High Rm 211 3-4

3/13/18 Teacher Heroes

Draw teachers and staff as cartoons (heroes of villains, you decide). Jr High Rm 211 3:20-4:30

3/20/18 Transparent poetry

Illustrate a short poem, then overlay the poem on the illustration Jr High Rm 211 3:20-

4:30 3/22/18 Throw Kindness, Not Rocks

Paint Kindness rocks to be spread and gifted to others! Jr High Rm 211 3:20-

4:30 3/27/18 Wishing Cards

Make cards that Thank people for being or wishing them well Jr High Rm 211 3:20-4:30

3/29/18 Chalk up another month!

Join us in drawing sidewalk chalk art celebrating our OPA community! Jr High Rm 211 3:20-4:30