Good job you made it through the first week!

Please check the 5th grade newsletter for all important dates. 

OPA Important Dates:

Uniform Free $1 Dress Days:

On designated Fridays, students may choose to pay $1 to wear free dress. It is not required and students who choose to not participate, will wear their uniforms.

This year OPAPO is offering parents the option to pay their student’s full year of $1 dress days ahead of time. Spend $20 and your student will receive a wristband to show proof of your pre-payment at each $1 dress day. We do suggest clipping the wristband to your student’s backpack, and/or writing their name in Sharpie on the wristband. If a wristband does get lost, your first replacement is free and after that it costs $1. Wristbands can be pre-order now using this link ( ). As always feel free to email with any questions!

Below is a list of dates for the uniform free $1 dress days.

August 24 Jan. 11 May 17

Sept. 7 Jan. 25 May 23 (Free)*

Sept. 20 Feb. 1 May 24 (Free)*

Oct. 5 Feb. 14

Oct. 17. March 1

Nov. 2 March 15

Nov. 16 April 12

Dec. 7. April 26

Dec. 21 May 3



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