Here are a few important ideas as we start our sixth grade year!

Math Notebook

For this class there will be a math notebook that students need to have in class everyday.  It will be a great resource for them to use, as well as a place for students to their work.  The different sections will include:  

1)  Trackers:  Assessments, Assignments and Goals

2)  Minute Math:  Daily Math Work

3)  Notes:  Procedures and Examples for 6th Grade Math Skills

Class Goals

The goals for the class are:  To build math fluency and stamina. To build math confidence. To become problem-solvers who use higher-level thinking and creative ideas. To find meaning in math and real-world applications

Math Help

There are various resources available to help parents as well as students with their math work. These I will communicate through Canvas, Google Classroom, as well as the Blog.  But please don’t hesitate to contact me for additional help and support.  



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