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Dear Parents and Students,

The third quarter ends this Friday, March 10.  Please make sure all missing assignments and retake quizzes are completed and turned in by this Friday.  It is important to check Aspire Gradebook weekly, or as regularly as possible with your child, to teach them to be responsible and to take ownership of their learning.  Thank you for working with your child on homework.

Students’ Grades
Go To: Aspire and check for missing assignments, etc.
The ASPIRE website is:  http://ogdenprep.usoe-dcs.org/Login/ 

Login Information:Username: Student ID
Password:  Eagle + Student ID

Thank you so much for your generous donations for our edible DNA model activity last week. Students had fun learning with marshmallows and licorice about four types of chemicals based in DNA: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine. See pictures below:


This week, we will review and practice skills on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. 

Below is the link that we use in class to practice Fraction Word Problems.  Please allow your child to practice online at home as well. Thinking Blocks is a free App for tablet/iPad with various math skills to practice, but it is also available online on computers.  For Thinking Blocks Fractions, please go to:http://www.mathplayground.com/tb_fractions/thinking_blocks_fractions.html

We also use Prodigy to practice Math skills and concepts that we learned in class. Please include Prodigy in your child’s daily Math homework routine for 20 minutes. Every student has an account and the password is Eagles.

This week’s Prodigy is on Dividing fractions concepts:

  • Divide a whole number by a unit fraction
  • Write the equation for divide a whole number by a unit fraction
  • Write the equation for dividing a unit fraction by a whole number
  • Divide a unit fraction by whole number word problems
  • Divide a whole number by a unit fraction word problem
  • Whole numbers divided by a missing unit fraction
  • Missing unit fraction divided by a whole number
  • Divide unit fractions by a whole number 

For Prodigy, Go to: https://www.prodigygame.com/


We are on our week#3 for Heredity unit. This week we will learn about certain life cycles, environments, and behaviors of living things.  Students have weekly Science Vocabulary word quizzes on Fridays. Please continue practicing vocabulary words at home. This week we are on Heredity Week#3 vocabulary words.

Heredity Week#3 Vocabulary Words

Below are the links for concept cards and vocabulary words:
Heredity Concept Cards: https://quizlet.com/_32xh8s
Heredity Vocabulary Words: https://quizlet.com/_32xeyh

Quarter 3 ends March 10
Quarter 4 begins March 13



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