“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” ~Helen Keller

Dear Parents,

This week, students will construct an edible model of DNA. Each students will need the following items:2 pieces of licorice, 9 pink marshmallows, 9 yellow marshmallows, 9 green marshmallows, and 9 orange marshmallows. Donations Needed: We need 4 bags of licorice (Cherry/Strawberry) and 4 bags of small marshmallows (Orange, Strawberry, lemon, Lime). Thank you for your generosity! I would appreciate it, if you would please have these in class by Wednesday, March 1st.

    TWIZZLERS Strawberry Twists, 32 ozKraft Jet-Puffed FunMallows Miniature Marshmallows 10 oz. Bag


    We will continue practicing multi-step word problems on fractions, and learn about how to find reciprocals, dividing fractions by fractions, and fractions by whole numbers this week.

    Below is the link that we use in class to practice the Fractions Word Problems. Please allow your child to practice online at home as well. Thinking Blocks is a free App for tablet/iPads with various math skills to practice, but it is also available online on computers.  For Thinking Blocks Fractions, please go to:http://www.mathplayground.com/tb_fractions/thinking_blocks_fractions.html

    We also use Prodigy to practice Math skills and concepts that we learned in class. Please include Prodigy in your child’s daily Math homework routine for 20 minutes. Every student has an account and the password is Eagles.

    This week’s Prodigy is on Dividing fractions concepts:

    • Divide a whole number by a unit fraction
    • Write the equation for dividing a whole number by a unit fraction
    • Write the equation for dividing a unit fraction by a whole number
    • Divide a unit fraction by a whole number word problem
    • Divide a whole number by a unit fraction word problem
    • Whole numbers divided by a missing unit fraction
    • Missing unit fractions divided by a whole number
    • Divide unit fractions by a whole number 

    For Prodigy, go to: https://www.prodigygame.com/


    We are on week#2 for the Heredity unit.  Students will learn about DNA and how DNA makes everyone unique. Students have weekly science vocabulary words quizzes on Fridays. Please practice vocabulary words with your child at home throughout the week. This week we are on Heredity Week#2 vocabulary words.

    Heredity Week#2 Vocabulary Words

    Below are the links for Heredity concept cards and vocabulary words:
    Heredity Concept Cards: https://quizlet.com/_32xh8s
    Heredity Vocabulary Words: https://quizlet.com/_32xeyh

    March 1 (Wednesday)-Utah Symphony Concert Field Trip @8:30-12:00
    March 10 Quarter 3 Ends. Please continue checking your child’s grades on Aspire regularly.
    March 4 Quarter 4 Begins



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