“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” ~Colin Powell

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome Back! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break. Sage Testing is approaching. Fifth grade students will take Sage Tests beginning on April 24th, through May 5th. The Math and Science Sage Tests will be given on April 24th and 25th, and May 1st and 2nd. Please have those dates on the calendar to minimize being tardy, or and absent on those dates. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own headphones for testing dates. Thank you for encouraging your child to do his/her best, to finish our last quarter strong!

During the weeks of testing, please make sure that your child:

  •  Goes to bed early and is well rested
  •  Eats a good breakfast.
  •  Packs a healthy snack/and water.
  •  Has a positive, “I can-do-anything” attitude!
  •  Comes prepared to do his/her best!
  •  Arrives at school on time.

Please continue to check Aspire Gradebook weekly, and as regularly as possible with your child, to teach them to be responsible and to take ownership of their learning.

The ASPIRE website is:  http://ogdenprep.usoe-dcs.org/Login/ 
Login Information:Username: Student ID
Password:  Eagle + Student ID


This week we will learn about Measurement in the Metric System and Customary System. We will also learn abut the Coordinate System.

Math Learning Objectives for this week: 
I can identify the x-and y-axis.
I can locate the coordinate system
I can identify coordinates of a point or coordinate system.
I can convert measurement systems both in Metric & Customary System.

We use Prodigy to practice Math skills and concepts that we learned in class. Please include Prodigy in your child’s daily Math homework routine for 20 minutes. Every student has an account and the password is Eagles. For Prodigy, Go to: https://www.prodigygame.com/

This week’s Prodigy is about the following concepts:

  • Volume of 3D shapes
  • Volume of 3D shapes without images
  • Volume of rectangular prisms (imperial) – multiple choice


We will continue to review science vocabulary words and concepts in class this week. Below are the links for concept cards and vocabulary words for each unit.

Earth’s Crust
Concept Cards: https://quizlet.com/154980132/chiang-earths-crust-unit-concept-cards-flash-cards/
Vocabulary Words: https://quizlet.com/154951722/opa-chiang-earth-crust-unit-flash-cards/alphabetical

Matter Concept cards: https://quizlet.com/_2ky517
Matter Vocabulary Words: https://quizlet.com/_2kwlwu

Electricity concept cards: https://quizlet.com/_2uhod6
Electricity vocabulary words: https://quizlet.com/_2ugxjo

Magnetism concept cards: https://quizlet.com/_2q1dmy
Magnetism Vocabulary words: https://quizlet.com/_2q0xuy

Heredity Concept Cards: https://quizlet.com/_32xh8s
Heredity Vocabulary Words: https://quizlet.com/_32xeyh


April 10- School Resumes
April 24 (Monday)- Environmental Center Field Trip 5th Grade (Banta/Parrish’s Class)
April 26 (Wednesday)- Environmental Center Field Trip 5th Grade (Chiang/Lomeli’s Class)



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