Ms. Chiang’s Weekly Update 

“The journey is the reward.” -Chinese Proverb


3 D Modeling Landforms Project
Example made by Ms. Chiang 
We will continue learning about how landforms are made when a combination of geologic events occurs, such as uplift and erosion, which forms a canyon. Students will continue building their 3 D Modeling Landforms Project and explain/present forces that caused the landforms to be created. 


We will learn how to add and subtract decimal numbers and work on Place Value Projects. Last week, students created accounts for Prodigy Math Online Games. Please allow your child to go on the website at home to practice the concepts/skills they learned in class. The following assignments have been created on Prodigy: place value, rounding decimals, and comparing decimals.

9/12-16 No Library this week. Library will be closed for Book Fair. 
9/15 Half day. Students are dismissed at 12:45 p.m.; Secondary Parent Teacher Conference. 
9/16 No school for students. Secondary Parent Teacher Conference.         

Parents, thank you for working with your child.  Your support is appreciated!



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