Ms. Chiang’s Weekly Update

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” Gail Devers


We will learn how erosion and deposition work together in changing the Earth.  Students should study and practice 24 Earth’s Crust vocabulary words daily. Study guide will be given in class for students to take home to study. (see reminders.)


We will be adding and subtracting decimals.  Students created accounts for Prodigy Math Online Games. Please allow your child to go on the website at home to practice the concepts/skills they have learned in class. The following assignment have been created on Prodigy: place value, rounding decimals, and comparing decimals.


Student Absences – Please make every effort to get your child to school each day and on time.   Being present for class lessons and skill practice is critical to his/her academic success.  Students are responsible to make up ALL missed work and homework the same week they return.  Thank you.

9/29 Post Test for Science Vocabulary

9/30 OPA Carnival- Lots of food and fun activities!  Please come out and show your support.

Parents, thank you for working with your child.  Your support is appreciated!



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