Hello Parents,

I want to thank all of you who made an effort to come and visit during parent teacher conference. I know that it can be difficult to schedule time off or find someone to watch your other kids while you visit. I appreciate each conversation that was had. I love getting to know more about each student. Here is what we have been learning:

Health Class:

In our health courses, we have been discussing healthy decision making. Your students will be taking a quiz next week and will need to really understand the six steps to decision making. They have guided notes that will help them with their quiz. Also, as a reminder, we will be starting our Tobacco Unit. There are two lessons that are mandatory by the state of Utah laws. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns before we start this new unit.

Mind Body and Wellness Class:

While participating in Mind Body and Wellness, your students have been learning different stress relief techniques. The technique that we have been learning about and practicing is meditation and guided imagery. Student’s have been learning how important it is to journal as one technique to relieve stress and threat thoughts.

Weight Training Class:

This week your student created a workout plan based on exercises that they learned about. Each group created and participated in their personalized plan. Next week, they will be working on new exercises that will be demonstrated while at the gym. As a reminder to all parents, I have had a few conversations with the group due to how the large the class is. It is very important that they remember to show respect and responsibility while traveling to and from the gym. Please feel free to have a conversation with your student to help reinforce the importance of our school policies: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Prepared. Also, as a reminder each student should have a journal that they bring to class to write down their exercises.

Endurance Training Class:

This is a reminder that we have our last triathlon in Kearns this weekend. We will not be having a team dinner due to the Valentines Movie. Students are asked to be at the school Saturday morning at 8:00. Please make sure that your students are prepared with:

running/biking jersey

running shoes




Warm clothes

We will not be stopping to eat this go around. Your student is expected to return home by 1:45-2:00ish.

Have a great week!



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