This week Foundations students have continued working on awesome optical illusions and are so close to finishing this first project up! These students have been working very hard on these and it shows in the quality that they are producing.

In addition, they have voted on the style of quilt squares that they want to build. These squares will be hand sewn in class and turned into a group created quilt to be sold at OPA’s Art Auction in May. The students will begin planning out their individual squares in the next two weeks.

**Any non-stretch material pieces parents are willing to donate are more than welcome! As well, anyone with experience in quilting and sewing who are willing  to volunteer some of their time to helping out are welcome! All interested parties please contact me for more information pertaining to this activity**

Sculpture, like Foundations, are largely through their first project. With the project requiring the use of X-Acto knives the students have demonstrated an awesome level of responsibility in using them and safety in being aware of what is around them.

Design students have begun working on their first advertising attempt. These broadsides will be posted in the school advertising one of our OPA traditions that has been around for a very long time.  They have also begun to plan out what they will each do for their at home project.

Drawing students are doing well at tackling the challenge of defining words without a written definition, only using illustrations. A challenge that some are taking to unexpected heights and directions.




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