Photography students have been mastering the art of portraiture by taking photos of their fellow classmates. They are continuing to finalize and reshoot their portraits to ensure proper exposure, focusing, and composition are given the utmost scrutiny and attention. Photo editing software has been introduced, which now gives the students the opportunity to fine tune and alter their images to ensure a successful final portrait!

Graphic Design students are beginning to create an alphabet grid through found online imagery. All letters must have a visual aesthetic that connects each one as a coherent series, and all images will soon be uploaded to editing software to understand the workflow of a digital-based artist.

Yearbook students are beginning to learn the photo editing software and the necessary steps to enhance their images for the final output. Additionally, they were introduced to the online software that will be used throughout the year to create the yearbook. Various yearbooks from surrounding schools were reviewed to brainstorm new ideas and layouts.



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