Foundations students discussed what surreal art is and how to make a questionable reality using space and perspective techniques. These projects have so much potential in them for the students to create amazing and unique pieces of art!

Sculpture has begun working on paper mache animals and enjoying the mess making process that comes with it. Already many of these pieces are taking shape and looking for embellishments to enhance the design.

Design students had a couple of opportunities this week to work on their costume accessory after working hard to complete broadsides advertising the OPA Carnival. This is an at home project, where students create a costume accessory in a  $20 budget; which means they need to be creative in order to create these pieces.

Drawing students have completed their illustrated words and been working on matching values and using grids to transfer images from one paper to another. All students who had finished their values matches began working on developing their concept for a piece to be submitted to the OPA art auction in May. They have been researching folktales and mythology to create and illustrate.



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