Sculpture students visited Ms Maag’s Kindergarten class on Tuesday to gift those children with little monster sculptures that they had drawn up.  It was amazing and heartwarming to see these tall, giant teenagers with itty bitty little ones! <3 I can’t wait to do this again with a different Kinder class, and hopefully all of them eventually!

Drawing students are working on drawing hands, this is a long process for many of them.  Several of them have already begun to improve and will likely continue to so long as they continue to PRACTICE!

Design students have begun weaving scarves which will be donated to one of Ogden’s shelters.  (Any donations of skeins of yarn will be more than welcomed!) This weaving is being done using drinking straws as the loom.

Lastly the Foundations students have completed a Non-Objective piece, based on Wassily Kandinsky’s works. This was also collaborative, which was a new experience for some.



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