Sculpture students have finished their awesome and adorable paper mache projects! They have spent the remainder of this week working on a surprise for Ms. Maag’s Kindergarten students (Shh…it’s a secret). They are eagerly awaiting the day to send off their creations to their new owners.

Design students have experimented a little bit with the making of a website, each partner group building a page on a career. They will be diving into architecture next week! So much fun!!

Drawing students are entering the challenging time of drawing people (fairly realistically). This whole unit is a struggle for many of these students, but for those who want to become animators, illustrators or comic artists a very necessary bit of work. They’ve started off with just drawing hands so far and will gradually be working on other features as time goes on.

Lastly, the Foundations students have built an electronic portfolio (parents ask your kids to see them!) and have begun working on evaluating art works through the critiquing process.



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