Welcome to Week 2!

This week the Homework is due on Thursday (Nov.1) instead of Friday because it is Service Project Day!

For Service Projects this month, we will be doing 5 different activities here at the school.   Among these activities are kits for Primary Children’s Hospital and making Thanksgiving place mats for the Lantern House. Make sure students sign up for two service projects they want to work on.

For math this week we will continue working with solving numerical expressions by using the Order of Operations.

 It will get more difficult as we add in more operations to solve as well as adding in decimals!

There will be a quiz on Tuesday (Oct.30) for Exponents and Powers of 10.

As always, there is extra help and extra practice resources found on their google classroom. If you would like to be connected to their google classroom, please let me know.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!



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