Happy Thanksgiving Break!

Students this week have been working towards the completion of many of their assignments in preparation for this break.

Design students were to complete scarves that they have been weaving. These have been coming out very cool and will be donated to one of our local shelters in the following weeks.

Sculpture students have been working on making plaster masks over the week and have a wide variety of designs coming along. They also have their big homework assignment due after break (November 26); this is the ‘recycle assignment.’ They were to start with an item and recycle it into something new in 14 steps or more and have had this assignment for most of the semester.

Foundations students worked hard on both their newest assignment as well as their one writing assignment in art. These were to be completed before leaving on break; if they have not they may still hand it in over break for half credit, but it will not be accepted after it. Keep a watch out on your emails if your child has not handed it in…

Drawing students are experiencing a new set up in the class in the lead up to their new unit. They will be self pacing throughout the remainder of the semester with the aim to complete all assignments before the end of the semester.



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