Drawing students opted to work on their auction pieces for this week. As of next week they are working on their first ‘short’ project. They are being encouraged to bring their own headphones to listen to the tutorials individually.

Painting students had their first experience with watercolors in class. They are first completing a set of value scales using their selected colors, followed by a sample sheet of various watercolor techniques. They will continue receiving class periods to work on their auction pieces as well.

Sculpture students have worked quickly through using plaster. Many of them are nearly finished with their first project and already planning their second’s design. Following this unit these students will begin working with clay (air dry and polymer). They will receive a set amount of each, some students enjoy or prefer working with more and occasionally purchase some for themselves.

Design students have begun their architecture unit. This is a three project unit where each project builds on the previous, it is impossible to move on without completing all prior assignments. Their first goal is to complete a floor plan with a set minimum requirement of elements. These should be finished before going on spring break next week.



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