Multiple projects completed by Drawing studnets
Object studies by Painting students

All parents who have a child receiving a D or an F in any classes being taught by me should have received a communication within the last week or so listing what grade their child is currently earning, what is missing or if said child is behind and needs extra time outside of school. At this point students are in the last two weeks of classes for third quarter and each class has approximately 3-4 in class assignments to complete. ?

Drawing and Painting studetns are working hard towards the completion of their auction pieces. I wish that I could share a sneak peak of the amazing work, but I really want everyone to be surprised! Students are more than welcomed to come in after school most days to work on these pieces as long as I am alerted well ahead of time.

Sculpture students are almost all finished with their paper unit porjects and will begin working with plaster in the coming weeks. Due to the characteristics of this material students will not be allowed to use the sink to wash their hands at all, it would be greatly appreciated if students are able to either bring in some wipes or towels to clean up with at the end of class.

Design students have generated multiple broadsides to advertise the auction and have done a pretty good job with the material and working with page layout. They are in the midst of working with printmaking at this point, carving reduction print blocks to make multi-colored prints.



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