Apologies for not updating last week, but this post should cover a lot of what the students worked on.

Foundations students are split right now, some are working on their Klimt animals while others are working on their animations (check them out here). Their goals is to complete these two assignments plus the three upcoming ones all before the end of the semester; with doing a self-paced class reaching that end is determined completely by the individual students.

Drawing students are on week 3 of being self paced and many of them are comfortably chugging along on it. They should be finishing up their tutorials and working on their next assignment, a surreal eye. These are awesome in that students get to treat this similarly to a self portrait and make it about themselves.

Design kids are finishing up on their floor plans and beginning to work on a mood board for a single room before beginning the process of building the room itself and its furnishings.

Lastly the Sculpture students are done with their masks (mostly) and working on their second plaster assignment. This one takes a lot of hard thinking and consideration as they are removing areas of the mold to make parts of the plaster stick out. Subtraction molds are some of the hardest and the efforts our students are making with them are fabulous.



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