The deadlines are coming! The deadlines are coming!

Students across the board have about 5 classes to complete all of their assignments that are to come. Due to most of the classes being self paced at this point the students are completely responsible for getting each assignment in, please check your child’s Aspire or Canvas to track if they are completing their work. Any students who are behind are now being told that they are responsible to come into the class before and after school or take work home in order to meet their deadlines.

Drawing students should all be working on their Surreal Eyes and moved on to their Celebrity portraits at this time.  In addition they are expected to be completing a drawing of a class mate each day (there are 5 in total) and their auction entry.

Sculpture students are creating coil pots and will be moving swiftly onto pinch and slab pots. This particular unit moves very fast and the students work on multiple assignments simultaneously; the current goal is to be finished with their pinch pots before the break starts.

Foundations students should all be about half way through their flip books by this point. Once they have completed their flip books these students will be working on two paintings; one water color, the other acrylic and their quilt squares. Some of these students may be bringing home some sewing if they would prefer to work on that there.

Design students have finished their floor plans and most have completed their mood boards;  which are plans for what a room in their house would look like. The last aspect of the assignment is to complete a scale model of this room.



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