These first week has been very productive for Graphic Design, Photography I and Yearbook!

Graphic Design students began their first project by researching various corporate logos in preparation to zen doodle their final choice.  Through the art of doodling, students focus on the present moment and draw lines and patterns to create unique stream of consciousness designs onto these letters.

Yearbook students began using the digital single lens reflex camera to understand aperture and shutter speed to attain proper exposure, focus, and composition. Photography is crucial to the yearbook and every student in this course will fully understand how to use the camera both technically and creatively as we begin this school year!

Photography I students studied all numbers and fractions related to both f-stops and shutter speeds, which is important to understanding manual exposure. These dials were discussed and practiced, and now, the students have begun their first project of shooting portraits of fellow classmates. The complexity of the digital single lens reflex camera and its countless controls is reduced to shooting manually, which will allow the students to shoot just like a professional!



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