Drawing students rocked their first project to its completion. Drawing drapes in charcoal, keeping in mind values that are visible to them rather than color, is a challenge that so many of these students nailed.  Their next challenge comes to them in the form of illustrating meanings.

Foundations and Sculpture students alike have their teeth firmly into their first projects. Both of which are time consuming to create and so far are showing great amounts of promise from each.

Design students have dissected logos and advertisements alike to figure out the meanings that these corporations were sending out and will be diving into the world of graphic and commercial arts themselves to create broadsides for our very own OPAPO Carnival!

Even as they are finishing and polishing works they are working on how to give constructive criticism to their peers to help them grow. This includes learning how to view their own art objectively rather than loving or hating it just because it’s theirs.

Lastly, students please remember that sketches are collected EVERY Tuesday and Wednesday and that you should be spending about an hour total on one each week.



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