Hello Parents and Students!

I am happy to say that this week has been amazing! You have great kids who are ready to work and learn! I appreciate the respect that has been given in the classroom. There are always some nerves when beginning a new class and meeting a new teacher. I hope your students feel that they can come to me with any questions or concerns that they may have about their class.

Quick information that I am wanting you to know to help your students:

  1.  Students need these materials for Health or Mind, Body and Wellness:
    1. Journal
    2. 3 Tabs in a 3 ring binder
    3. Planner
    4. Pencil/highlighter
    5. Disclosure/Human sexuality form
  2. Students need these materials if they are in endurance (triathlon) class:
    1. Running shoes
    2. Swimsuit (one piece for girls)
    3. goggles
    4. swim cap (I have some if needed)
    5. Exercise clothing (shorts must be longer than finger tips and no spaghetti straps)
    6. Towel
    7. Small bag to carry items
    8. WATER
    9. Disclosure/PHYSICAL
  3. Students need these materials if they are in weight training
    1. Running shoes
    2. Exercise clothing (no spaghetti straps/short shorts)
    3. Disclosure/PHYSICAL

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please make sure that your students bring warm clothes due to travel from the school to the gym. We still participate in the winter.

Please remember that Monday January, 21st we will not have school. With this being said, please remind your students that the next time they have my class, they will turn in their disclosure and physical if needed.

Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs. Hunt



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