OPAPO and Mr. Jensen’s 3rd grade class would like to recognize Teresa Rogers as our March volunteer of the month!

Mrs. Rogers is an amazing parent volunteer! She is a dedicated parent who likes to spend time in the classroom to help where she is needed. She goes above and beyond, and goes the extra mile. She is great at helping with small groups, pulling kids to work on fry words, and correcting papers. Mrs. Rogers even volunteers to take things home if I need extra help on things. My students ask me everyday, “When is Mrs.Rogers coming in?” The kids love and respect her. Before parent teacher conferences started, she helped to clean my classroom to make it look presentable to all the parents and students. One last example with what makes Teresa a great volunteer is when we had our 3rd grade literacy night, she came into school many times before, and helped me get my students ready to perform their song. Way to go Teresa! Thanks for all that you do for me, and most important, for what you do for the school and for my students.

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