OPAPO Parent Volunteer of the Month: Jen Farley

Please join OPAPO in congratulating and thanking our new Volunteer of the Month, Jen Farley! You’re amazing, Jen, we appreciate you so much!

From Mrs Scalise: “I have had the privilege of teaching all 4 of Jen Farley’s children. She has been on countless field trips, and helped plan many activities and class parties over the years. This year she is my head room mother and volunteers in the classroom 1 day a week. She has a fabulous way of working with the children and they love the opportunity to one on one with her when ever they can. She is willing and very capable of doing anything and everything I put in front of her. She is a shining example of one of the reasons OPA is a great school!”

From Mr Jensen: “Jen Farley is the greatest parent who supports each of her children in their education. She spends an hour each week in each of her children’s classrooms. In my classroom, Jen has been reading leveled readers with my students. It has been amazing watching her read and interact with the students. She has brought many students up multiple levels. She keeps track of who has read with her, and who she needs to have read with her for the next week. Every time that Jen comes in, all of the kids start to raise their hand and want to spend some time reading with Jen. She is my weekly parent volunteer who I can count on to help me in the classroom. Thanks so much Jen for all of your hard work!”



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