OPAPO’s September Volunteer of the Month is Bill Davis!

Bill Davis is absolutely fabulous. He is a priceless asset to OPA. His contributions of time and money are generous beyond measure. Not only is he unbelievably generous with time and money, he is also consistently pleasant, upbeat, humble and helpful. He never cashes in on the fact that he had donated a lot of cash and never acts like his donations entitle him to special privileges. Just the opposite, in fact. He is ever ready to serve, eager to learn, and willing to lend a helping hand with whatever is needed.

Following is an incomplete list of contributions Bill Davis has made to OPA:

  • On the farm field trip we were several lunches short; there simply were not as many sack lunches as there were students. Bill went to a fast food restaurant and bought lunches for the lunch-less students
  • When the students on the Dominican Republic trip found themselves stranded in NYC, Bill put them up in a nice hotel, bought play tickets for them, financed new clothes for them to wear to the play, and rented a limo to get them to the play.
  • On the Southern UT trip, Bill and another father bought ice cream for all the participants.
  • Bill sponsored several students who did not have sufficient funds to pay for the Redwoods trip.
  • He contributed his gas receipts from the Redwoods trip to the AVID trip.
  • On both the Oregon Coast and Redwoods trips Bill rented a 15 passenger van and drove over 100 hours with 13 8th and 9th graders in his van. This alone should assure him a spot in heaven!!

Bill Davis has been a constant supporter of OPA trips and OPA students since the day I met him. He encourages and models service, humility, hard work and gratitude and is deserving of recognition for his significant contributions to the OPA family. — Follow OPAPO on Facebook and Instagram!