From the Big Six Model:

What are possible sources?

Which are the best?


Task #2 Information Seeking Strategies

What are Possible Sources?

One good place to start is with libraries. Libraries often have access to paid databases that have reliable curated resources.  As a student in Utah you have free access to Utah’s Online Library.

Utah Online Library

Check with your librarian if you need the home access username and password.  It changes yearly.


Task #2 Information Seeking Strategies


The library has free copies of The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News that are available daily.  You can also get access online through:

Newspapers in Education

NIE Utah

Ask the librarian for this year’s username and password to access.

Jr. High Journalism Resources


Task #2 Information Seeking Strategies

Which are the Best?


One evaluation tool you can use to evaluate sources is called the CRAAP test

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Task 2: Information Seeking Strategies




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