Instructions – BINGO Style

  • Students must complete at least 1 row, 1 column or  1 diagonal on their sheet for a Participation Prize.
  • Students must complete 8 activities on their sheet to make a “BINGO”.
  • Students that complete 2 rows, 2 columns or 2 diagonals totaling 8 Reading or Math activities on their sheet will meet the BRONZE medal level of success.
  • Students must complete at least 12 squares to achieve SILVER medal status.
  • Students must complete a black out – all 16 squares – to achieve GOLD medal status.


The Gold Medal level competitors will also be able to put their names in a GRAND Prize drawing by completing both the Math and Reading BLACK-OUT BINGO cards for a total of 32 activities finished in the Summer Learning Olympics.  The Grand Prize drawing will be announced during the first week back to school in August 2020.