Submit & Respond To FMX Requests
Via Email

Did you know FMX allows you to submit and respond to maintenance, technology, and security work requests via email?!  Below are the corresponding email addresses for staff to submit requests via email:

Elementary Staff
Maintenance Requests –
Security Requests –
Technology Requests –
Junior High Staff
Maintenance Requests –
Security Requests –
Technology Requests –
This feature is perfect for those of you that do not have the time to go to the FMX website.  Support suggests adding the relevant email addresses to your contact list for easy email submission. 
It’s very simple to submit a request via email, just follow the steps below:
Step 1:  Compose an email
Step 2:  In the “To:” field, enter the email for the type of request
example:  Maintenance Request from an elementary staff should send emails to
Step 3:  In the Message Subject Line, enter the Request Name (i.e. Thermostat not working)
Step 4:  In the Body of the email, enter the description of the issue.
Step 5:  If you have any attachments like photos or documents, attach them to the email.
Step 6:  Send the email!

PLEASE NOTE:  The email must come from your school email account.  Email requests sent from accounts outside Ogden Prep will be rejected.

More Information about the Message Format:
  • Request name: Taken from a message’s subject line.
  • Building:
    • Taken from a message’s “to” address when it satisfies a special tag format. For example, “” indicates a building named “High School”.
  • Description: Taken from the email message’s body.
  • Attachments: Taken from the email’s file attachments.
If you have any questions about submitting FMX requests via email, please submit a request to FMX and a support rep will help as soon as possible.


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