Projects at OPA

Desired Results for Student Learning

One of our school’s DRSL’s (Desired Results for Student Learning) is: Students will demonstrate respect for themselves and others. As part of our school-wide action plan we will be doing community service projects to show respect and caring for our community. We will be posting information about the community service projects we have done and will do as a school.

Projects 2018-2019

Penny Wars 

Students donated pennies and other coins to purchase playground equipment. 

CTE Hygiene Kits 

Jr. High students collected hygiene products to create hygiene kits for the homeless. 


Socks were collected for Socktober to donate to the Lantern House. 

National Junior Honor Society  Food Drive 

Jr High homerooms collected non-perishable food items for the Lantern House.  

The Water Project 

At the beginning of the year students took a two week water challenge and each 9th grader tried to drink only water for two weeks and then donate any money they would have used to buy soda or coffee and put it towards this water project. We raised $515!! and we were sent our information on how our money will be used in the Munenga community. If you would like to see what our project looks like, or if you would like to donate as well, here’s the link to our project page. It’s not a lot of money but it is neat to see how we can help in small ways give back to other communities that need clean water. 

The Water Project

Projects 2017-2018:

Penny Wars

Students had a penny war to save up money for Pennies for Patients. 



300 pairs of socks were donated for the Lantern House during socktober. 

Projects 2016-2017:

Blanket Blizzard:

The Eagle Team at the Jr. High (Character Development and Leadership Class) is hoping to collect over 200 new or used blankets for the Ogden Rescue Mission.  You can find the collection box in the front office.  We are starting Jan 9, 2017 and collecting until January 27th.  The blanket can be new or used, but used blankets must be washed first.

Penny Wars:

We are doing a Penny War in both schools for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (

 What: Collecting pennies (or any other denomination for

Goal: Between both schools to collect $3000 (it breaks down to $68 a class)

When: Starts January 23rd and ends February 10th
Where: Collection bins will be in the front lobby of each school. They are labeled by HOMEROOM teacher
Carrie Velez’s class celebrated Socktober in October.  They are collecting socks for the Lantern House homeless shelter here in Ogden.  Our goal is to collect 100 pairs of NEW socks (all varieties).
Canned Food Drive

The 7th-9th grades collected cans of food to donate to the Ogden Rescue Mission.

Read to Feed Read-a-Thon
In December, first grade classes held a Read to Feed read-a-thon to donate animals through Heifer International. This year, the classes raised enough money to donate a flock of chicks, a goat, and a llama to needy families around the world.

Projects 2015-2016:

1st Grade Heifer International: In December, first graders held a Read to Feed read-a-thon through Heifer International to raise money to donate a sheep and a goat to needy families.

2nd Grade Socktober.  Mrs. Velez’s class is collecting socks to donate.  They have collected 281 pairs of socks thanks to your generous donations!

Projects 2014-2015:

Food Donations:

The Elementary school collected food cans to donate to St. Anne’s. 

Heifer International: 

In the fall of 2014, the first graders held a Read to Feed read-a-thon through Heifer International. The classes raised money to donate a llama to a needy family in South America.

Projects 2013-2014:

Heifer International:

Ms. Knapp’s 1st grade class completed a community service project in December 2013.  They held a read-a-thon to raise money to donate an animal to a needy family through Heifer International.  This year, the money went to buy a llama for a family in South America.  In order to raise the money, the students completed over 500 book reports.  They have held a Heifer International read-a-thon every year for the past fours years.

River Parkway Cleanup

Arbor Day:  70 8th graders planted 100 trees and shrubs with Ogden City in celebration of Arbor Day.  Check out photos at the following site:

River Clean-up: OPA (Ogden Preparatory Academy) cleaned our section of the river (Lincoln to Grant, both sides and in the middle) on Saturday, March 8, 2013.  Thanks to all those who came out and helped.  For more information on how to help out contact Teresa Hislop at


Projects 2011-2012

Cemetery Clean-Up

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Penny War: Haiti

Our penny war starts today Monday Jan 30th till March 2nd. This is to raise money to sponsor a person in Haiti who is starting a business as well as teaching community members both adults and children English. The organization that we are working through is called Sustain Haiti based here in Provo, UT. Their website is

I have helped develop an English curriculum for them as well as have been with them in Haiti working on the management team so I can assure you the money is getting directly to the people!!!! Each teacher will have a bucket or buckets in your classroom. Students will put pennies into their first period bucket and then can put dollars and silver coins in other teacher’s buckets. The pennies add points and the silver and dollars take points away. Please encourage your students to bring what they can so we can help support those people who can have life altering effects with a small amount of money. There will be weekly prizes for the class that raises the most money. Then the school that raises the most money will receive a picnic.

Because the numbers which are attending each of our schools is so vast we will be making sure the numbers are proportional so that the K-4 does not automatically win because how many kids they have!!!! If you have any questions of concerns please feel free to contact me: Katie Baldwin,

Ogden River Parkway

Students spent a day at the Ogden River Parkway on September 13, 2011. They assisted Ogden City workers in weeding near the river and planting new trees in the area.

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