Student Educational Commitment

Dear Families of OPA,

As we embark on an unprecedented school year, we want to start by saying THANK YOU for being a part of the OPA community. We appreciate you trusting us with your children: both their safety and their education. We look forward to working together this year to make the best of a challenging situation to best serve the needs of everyone in the OPA community.

We are working out the many details associated with planning for the start of school. We will be providing in person learning, as well as offering a robust online program for those who are temporarily unable to attend in person.

In order to adequately prepare, we are asking you to make a commitment for each of your children regarding the type of learning that will meet your family’s needs. Please understand that our ability to offer various options is based on the number of families requesting each option. After all families have taken the survey and identified a commitment, we will be able to finalize our plan and communicate your family’s plan.

When selecting an option, we are asking you to commit for the duration of 1st Semester (January 15) or until Weber County is no longer in yellow status. By order of the Governor, face coverings will be required by all individuals in K-12 buildings. If your family is unwilling or unable to wear masks, please select online learning. Exceptions may be made for students with certain disabilities based on guidance from the State Board of Education, and will be determined on a case by case basis.

Children who flourish in an online space typically:

  • Are able to manage their own time while staying engaged in many working environments. (Self-Management)
  • Are persistent even when tasks are difficult. (Grit and Classroom Effort)
  • Have the confidence to make their own choices with moral integrity. (Self-Efficacy)
  • Learn well from text, video, and digital collaboration with their peers (Learning Strategies)
  • Are comfortable, with support, communicating digitally through email, Canvas, or other tools. (Communication)

Specific details of the school plan, and FAQ will be distributed on Tuesday, July 28 after the Board of Directors’ meeting.

OPA Administration

2020-2021 Student Educational Commitment Declaration Form

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