We are excited about an upcoming event here at the K-6 Ogden Preparatory Academy.  On Wednesday, March 25th, we are having Leadership Day!  Community Leaders from Ogden and the State Legislators are invited to come to the school, listen to some of our students explain the Seven Habits and get student-led tours of our school.   Unfortunately, we aren’t able to invite all parents to participate in this day. 
                We have made a new school t-shirt that we are selling for $10.  This shirt can be worn on any Friday and on Leadership Day.  For now, we are just selling them before and after school in the elementary building.  I have enclosed a picture of what they look like.  The back says “Everybody Loves, Everybody Learns, Everybody Leads.”  For those of you who have been attending our school for a few years, we realize that we’re asking you to buy another spirit shirt.  We’d just like to assure you that we will be sticking with this new design for years to come. 
                If you have any questions, please call the school.
Amie Campbell




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