Image result for jaguar south america book   Image result for Encantado : pink dolphin of the Amazon by Sy. Montgomery.  Image result for Argentina José María Obregón.  Image result for Folk tales from Chile Brenda Hughes

Image result for Trapped : how the world rescued 33 miners from 2,000 feet below the Chilean desert Marc Aronson. Image result for teens in peru book  Image result for Venezuela by Terri Willis.    Image result for Aztec, Inca & Maya written by Elizabeth Baquedano ; photographed by Michel Zabe. (Series: DK eyewitness books)


Image result for the dreamer ryan            Image result for The queen of water Laura Resau and María Virginia Farinango.     Image result for The Ugly One by Leanne Statland Ellis.

Image result for I lived on Butterfly Hill a novel by Marjorie Agosín ; translated from the Spanish by E.M. O'Connor ; illustrated by Lee White.   Image result for Secret of the Andes by Ann Nolan Clark ;  Image result for jack's run Roland Smith.   Image result for Frida por Jonah Winter



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