Support has implemented a new Supply and Inventory Management System this year that allows us to keep track of the supplies that is offered to the staff.  We wanted to give more information to those that are not aware of the process of submitting a requisition, and requesting supplies.


Requisitions are NOT Submitted to Support.  Requisitions are those products that we do not stock at the school.  An example of a Requisition would be a Whiteboard, or school desks. Requisitions may need to be paid out of a teachers budget and not the schools budget depending on the requisition.  Requisitions are submitted to Ms. Rebecca (Ext. 1020) by printing and filling out the Requisition form that can be found on the OPA Dashboard ( in the Documents & Resources section.  There are 3 types of requisition types, a PO request, a reimbursement request, and a school Credit Card usage request.  After filling out the Requisition Form, attach the necessary documentation about the product to the form and leave it in Ms. Rebecca’s box.  Ms. Rebecca will then take the Requisition and get it approved by administration.  Once its approved, Ms. Rebecca will enter it into the FMX system so you can follow its progress.  Ms. Rebecca will order the product and as soon as it arrives, the requisition will be resolved and you will receive an email letting you know that your product is available to pick up.


Supplies are submitted to FMX Support.  There is a section in the FMX system called “Requisitions & Supply Requests”.  Staff can request any supply that the school keeps in stock.   A list of the supplies we stock is located in the supply request form.   Supplies would include things like pens and pencils, markers, etc.  While in the FMX System simply click on the “Requisitions & Supply Requests” section and then click the Red “New Request” button on the top right of the screen.  Fill out the form in great detail and be sure to include the amount of each supply that you want.  When you submit the form, the secretarial staff in your building will receive a notification letting them know that you have requested supplies.  The secretarial staff will make sure that all the supplies you requested are available.  If they are available the secretarial staff will approve your request and let you know that they are gathering your supplies.  Once your supplies are available, the secretarial staff will resolve the request and you will receive a resolution notification via email.


When you submit a supply request and the secretarial staff in your building resolve your requests, they also reduce the inventory levels of those products you requested.  Support Staff also manages the inventory of consumable products like screws, and paint.  When the Support Staff resolves a maintenance request, we reduce the inventory of whatever maintenance supply we used.  Each supply has a price associated with it.  This allows us to better understand the cost associated with each request and better manage our budgets.   When a supply gets low, the system also informs us so we can order more supplies which helps us avoid running out.

Overall the Supply & Requisition procedures are slowly being adopted and as soon as we are all on board we will all be able to benefit from knowing exactly what supplies and requisitions are available, those that are in process, and how much money we are spending in every area at OPA.



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