Monday October 20th

I’m not crazy, I’m a JEANius! I don’t do drugs!

Crazy hair day

Students may wear jeans (must still wear uniform shirt and it must be tucked in)

Tuesday October 21st

Hats Off/Tie Down/Sock it to DRUGS

Students may wear crazy socks, crazy hat, or crazy tie

Wednesday October 22nd

ELEMENTARY ONLY: Follow your dreams, don’t do drugs

Pajama Day (No tank tops, spaghetti straps, short shorts, slippers, or robes)

JUNIOR HIGH ONLY: Inside Out/Mismatch/Backwards Day

Wear clothes that don’t match or wear your clothes backwards

Thursday October 23rd

Be a Hero, not a Zero

Wear a superhero or super villain t-shirt (must wear school uniform pants)

Friday October 24th

Teaming Up Against Drugs

Wear a jersey and school uniform pants



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