Dear Parents,

We are trying to each our students that TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER! If we synergize we can make a difference in the lives of our friends.  During the month of October we will have a jar in our office labeled YMCA.  We are trying to earn enough money to give a YMCA scholarship to 5 of our very own OPA students.  If you have any spare dollars or change please send it to school this month and let your student add to our jar.  the money in the jar will be combined with the money we get from our Jersey TEAM SPIRIT day October 26th.  If you can, please participate in this WIN/WIN.  At OPA:

Everybody loves, Everybody Learns, Everybody Leads


Click on the day to find out the theme and the dress for the day.

Be Proactive and Begin with the End in Mind

Kick off Red Ribbon Week

Wear RED shirt and uniforms bottoms

Put First Things First

Put “Me” first because I’m important too!

Wear School Uniform

Think Win-Win  and Synergize

Together We Are Better Because We are a Team

$1 Donation

Wear sports jersey/t-shirt and uniform bottoms for $1 donation for YMCA scholarship

Seek First to Understand

Leaders Don’t Do Drugs

Wear School Uniform

7 Habits Kick Off Assembly

K-3 and 4-6

Sharpen the Saw

I’m Not Crazy,

I’m a JEANius!

Crazy Hair Day

Students may wear JEANS but MUST wear a school uniform/spirit shirt



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