The 2017-18 Year is Ending…

Young Runner Families!  This next Saturday, May 19th is the moment we have been waiting for!  We are so excited to have 50 runners involved in the Ogden Half Marathon, 5K, and KidsK.  Good luck to all of you Amazing Kiddos!!!  Parents, if you have not received a paper with the Race directions/instructions, please pick one up in the office!  This Thursday is our Young Runner celebration.  We will be having games, treats, and a special guest.  Please come and have a good time!  We are also having a dozen kiddos on KSL TV Friday morning at the expo for the Ogden Marathon. So please watch for us!!!  Thanks for a great year!

Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank you to all of the families, OPAPO members and students that took the opportunity to thank and support the educators of OPA. It is that time of year when we all reflect on the year we are about to close; it is the perfect time to thank the teachers and staff that work tirelessly for your students. So, Thank you!The Year in Review: SAGE exams, DIBEL testing and academic scores are finalizing for the 2017-18 school year. Testing and grading periods can be a stressful and anxious time for many students.  Please remember that students have strengths and weaknesses and that is normal. The goal of education is to build a love of learning and teach students the skills understand and unravel the unknown. Celebrate a year of hard work and success, build strategies for summer learning, and promote resilient responsibility. We all struggle with something and coming to understand that we can build strategies to overcome the struggle rather than wallow or give-up is a lifeskill we all require.  Our focus this year at OPA, has been to help students build responsibility for their education; social and academic. This focus is about building people, and supporting the natural desire children have to learn. With this focus, we enter the end of year at OPA ready to celebrate! Thank you parents and family for all you do to make OPA a great community.

May 18, Fri.: Last Day of Regular Kindergarten
May 19, Sat.: Ogden Marathon events for Young Runners
May 21, Mon: 7:00pm Spring Music Concert, Elementary Gym
May 22, Tue: 5th Grade Maturation: 9-10 Girls, 10-11 Boys
6th Grade Etiquette Luncheon
                       Jr. High Awards Assembly 1-2 pm
May 23, Wed: Kindergarten Graduation, 9:00 am- Mrs. Scalise and Mrs. Maag’s Classes
6:00 pm-Mrs. Lambert and Mrs. Jackman’s in the Elementary Gym
May 24, Thurs: Minimum Day (release at 12:45), Uniform Free Dress Day.
                9:00: 5-6 Grade Awards Assembly, elementary gym
                1-4th Field Day, wear sport shoes
May 25, Friday: Last Day of School, Minimum Day (release at 12:45), Uniform Free Dress Day.
                8:45: 1-2 Grade Awards Assembly, elementary gym
                10:00: 3-4 Grade Awards Assembly, elementary gym
                5-6th Grade Field Day, at OPA, wear sport shoes. 



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