Ogden Preparatory Academy Principal Blog: March Showers:

March Showers

Washington DC Trip:  Washington DC trip meeting for 6th graders who will be 7th graders next year.  The parent information meeting will be held March 6th in the secondary building room 212.  Mrs. Rose is planning on taking 7th graders to Washington DC, NYC, and Boston for 7 days in May 2019. If they sign up before March 29th they will receive a discount on the price

Update on OPA’s plan for March 14th: While planning for a peaceful action event that is being discussed on the national level, we concluded that some education is required to provide meaning for the student action event. On March 9th at 2:00pm all students will participate in some education on the following topics:
Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Teachers will choose two topics will be provided for students in each grade level;
1. Random acts of kindness
2. How to make choices to keep safe
3. How to look out for your friends
4. Positive relationship/friendship building

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grade: Four topics will be provided for students to attend at each grade level;
1. Positive relationship/friendship building
2. Safety at OPA and for yourself
3. Civic Responsibility: How to have your voice heard, government structures and law-making
4. Resources on internet safety, and reporting concern.

Jr. High Students: Students will sign up for one of seven possible classes on the following topics;
1. Civic Responsibility; How to make your voice heard; Government and law-making
2. Safety at our School
3. Peaceful Demonstrations: Taking a stand
4. Signs to watch for is supporting our fellow classmates, and reporting
5. Resources for personal crisis, internet safety and reporting
6. Persuasive letter writing to legislators
7. Positive Relationship building

March 14th: Then on March 14th at 10:00 am for 30 minutes, students will have the opportunity to return to those classes and be involved in a a related social action activity. Again, if you would like to volunteer to support teachers and students in these activities, please contact Leydy Sandoval at (801)627-3066 or lsandoval@ogdenprep.org

Reunification Drill: The next step in the OPA safety plan is to build and practice a system for reunifying parents and students in an event that requires relocation of students, lockdown extending past the regular school day or facility issues that require a controlled pick-up. Teachers and staff received training and the general plan today. Next, we will do a physical practice with teachers and staff, then a FULL PRACTICE for teachers, students, staff and PARENTS. Much more information to come as we set a date and get closer to the practice.

Upcoming Events:

Wed. (7th), Ballet West Assembly for grades 4th-6th at 1:30pm
Thursday (8th), 2nd Grade Literacy Night 5-7pm
Friday (9th), Social Action Education Hour 2:00pm

Spanish Translation: I am sorry that today’s post is not in Spanish as well. My translator is celebrating her anniversary and got surprised with a last minute trip! I hope to get it updated on Monday. Have a great weekend.  



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