Ogden Preparatory Academy Principal Blog: March Week 2:


March 14th:  Today March, 9th at 2:00 pm students and teachers discussed conversations of character, civic responsibility, conflict resolution, safety at school and on the internet, the importance of positive relationships, how to connect with government officials, and how to take a stand. All conversations will culminate with an activity or action on Wednesday, March 14th. Ask your students what they learned.

This Week in Celebration:

1. Washington DC Trip planning.
2. The Ballet West ballet company performing and teaching 4-6th grade students.
3. 2nd grade Literacy (and Poetry) Night.
4. Soccer try-outs have begun.

Upcoming Events: 
1.  Kindergarten is headed to the ZOO on Monday (They all told me on the way out today)!
2. Tuesday, March 13th at 4:00 is OPAPO in the Jr. High, Mr. Sanchez’s room
3. Thursday, March 15th is an early release day, 12:45 and a $1 Uni



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