For the last couple of weeks, students have been working on writing an informational article. We are now in the final stages: revision and publishing. A-day students, your projects are due Friday, October 5; B-day students, your projects are due Monday, October 8. Final draft articles must be printed or sent to before class on the due date in order for them to be turned in on time. I am available to help students with their articles after school Monday – Thursday of this week. Also, the yellow project packet and resources on Canvas may be of use as you finalize your article. Below is a self-checklist that would be wise to reference.


  • I have a newspaper/magazine title.
  • I include the publishing date.
  • I have a catchy, on-topic headline.
  • I include a subtitle/subhead that specifies the information in the article. (optional)
  • There is a byline.
  • I have enough content to keep readers interested and informed.
  • I begin the article by introducing the student to the readers.
  • Throughout the article I discuss my interviewee’s goals for language arts and the plans to achieve them.
  • At least one other goal outside of language arts is discussed.
  • I include at least three quotations.
  • I indented my paragraphs.
  • Transitions are used to help the reader understand (for example, furthermore).
  • There are no abbreviations, symbols, or shortcuts in the article.
  • My sentences are complete.
  • My sentences are of varying lengths and all begin differently.
  • My tone is professional and positive.
  • The information in the article is accurate and specific.
  • Each word is used properly.
  • My vocabulary is specific and varied.
  • The article is written in third person POV. There’s no use of “me” or “I.”
  • My details are clear and vivid.
  • I answer the questions who, what, when, where, and how/why.
  • My capitalization is correct.
  • I use punctuation properly.
  • There are no misspelled words.
  • I’m very proud of this composition!


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