Friday PD: This Friday’s PD is for teachers and TAs who will be returning next year.

  • 1pm-2pm: PD at OPA 2019-2020
    • This session is mandatory for employees returning to OPA next year.
    • You will get a preview of the structure of PD at OPA: What is changing and what is staying the same.
    • Next year, Canvas will be integral in OPA’s PD, so there will be a training on how to access canvas as a teacher-learner.
    • Please bring a device.
  • 2pm-4pm: Your time! Remember that the Tres de Mayo is from 4pm-6pm later this evening.


  • Mentors and Mentees: Please complete Quarter 4 when possible. All Mentor/Mentee paperwork is due by Friday, May 10th!
  • Individualized Coaching: Lauretta Hill (Elem), Cami Parry (Math), Stephanie Mathers (JH) are available to problem solve any classroom issues you encounter.
  • Pineapple Charts: A Pineapple Chart is located in each building. Please put up activities going on in your class.



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