Check Out Computers

Computers are now available to staff, students, and substitutes for check out from the library in both the Elementary and Junior High schools. 
These computers further Support efforts to provide security to accounts.  There is no longer a reason for teachers to leave their device for substitutes.  There is no longer a reason for students to walk into classrooms and take computers from designated carts that are assigned elsewhere. 
If you would like to check out a device please visit your library and speak to your librarian.  If you have questions about checkout devices, please submit a technology request to FMX.

Equipment Labeling

Starting this week, Support staff members will be delivering labels for every device at the school.  Each label will have a QR Code and the device’s official name.  We will attempt to perform the actual labeling process during times that are convenient for you.  Labeling will help us manage the location and configuration of devices that are having issues as well as provide support a good way to link equipment with tickets that are related to equipment.

Canvas Guides:  Additional Canvas Support

For those interested in getting additional support and development on Canvas, try CANVAS GUIDES.


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