App Updates: Google Slides and Sheets
There are major updates to both Google Slides and Google Sheets that will make productivity and presentations in your classroom easier and more effective. From visual aids, to custom headers, these updates really pack a punch.

For more information about the updates to Slides and Sheets, CLICK HERE

App Launch: Inbox from the makers of Gmail
OPA Support is proud to announce the launch of a new Email application called Inbox. Inbox by Gmail is a new way of thinking about Email Management. With great features like Snooze, Reminders, Bundles, and more, Inbox can make a cluttered email account manageable in minutes. Inbox is available to all OPA Employees starting today: October 2nd, 2017.

CLICK HERE for more information about Inbox by Gmail.

App Launch: Google Keep
For those of you that have not seen the Note Taking Collaboration App called Google Keep, you are missing out. All OPA Employees have access to this wonderful organization app. If you would like help getting setup, please submit a request to FMX.

CLICK HERE for more information about Google Keep.

Training: GoGuardian Beginner Training
GoGuardian for Teachers is a great tool for managing the activities of your students on technology. For those of you interested in learning more about GoGuardian for Teachers and the great things you can do to monitor and manage your students computer usage, check out the GoGuardian for Teachers Training Courses.

CLICK HERE for GoGuardian training information.

Access to the “Dashboard Calendar”
All Employees now have access to the Dashboard Calendar on their personal Google Calendar feed under “Other Calendars”. In addition to access from the, staff members now can see everything from the comfort of their personal calendar as well. The Dashboard Calendar contains all event that are posted to the public as well as private school only events like PD’s, etc. If you have any questions about accessing the OPA Dashboard Calendar, please submit a ticket to FMX.

CLICK HERE to see the new Dashboard Calendar from your feed.

Canvas PD Course is still available!
Canvas is the Learning Management System used throughout schools in Utah. Every Utah School District, Charter, University, and alternative Educational Institution has access or is using Canvas. Ogden Prep will be using Canvas as our primary Learning Management System in the future. Now is the time to train yourself so you are ready for this opportunity.

To gain access to the Canvas PD Course, please submit a tech request to FMX.

FMX Request Types: A Refresher
Maintenance Requests – Any issue with the Building. Electrical, Plumbing, AC & Heat, Custodial, Lighting, etc.
Technology Requests – Any issue with Electronics. Hardware, Software, Internet/Wifi, Printers, User Accounts/Email, etc.
Security Requests – Any issue with the Security of the school. Lost or stolen items, alarms, keys and key cards, etc.
Media Requests – Any information you want to be posted on our Media Outlets, like Facebook, the calendars, or the website.
Supply Requests – Any supplies you need for your classroom that we stock at the school. Erasers, pencils, Kleenex, batteries, etc.
Requisition Requests – Any supply, service, or product you want for your classroom or work environment that we do not stock at the school. Computers, Microphones, Tables, Chairs, Cabinets, etc.

For more information about FMX and where to submit requests, CLICK HERE and snoop around.

App Updates: Google Drive and iOS 11
With Google Drive, you can access and edit your files across the many devices and platforms you work on. The new Files app for iOS 11 brings together files and documents stored on your iOS device and in the cloud across various apps and services. Today, we’re announcing full integration of the Drive application with the Files app on devices running iOS 11.

CLICK HERE for more information about Google Drive and iOS 11.



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