Blog and Site Updates on the OPA Website
If you would like to have your Blog or Site link updated or added to your profile on the Ogden Prep Website, please submit a media request to FMX. Please include the URL to your blog or site in your request. Once submitted, either Support or Katherine Witt will add your link to your profile. CLICK HERE to submit a media request to FMX

Phone System Updates
Last week OPA went through a major update to the phone system. This update is supposed to clear up some prior issues as well as provide additional features to users. If you are experiencing any issues with your phone, please note that it could be due to the update. Please submit a technology request to FMX if you are still having issues and Support will solve the issue as soon as possible.

CLICK HERE to submit a technology request to FMX

Canvas Update
Class, Teacher, and Student Information has been added to the test site of Ogden Preps Canvas account. We are almost ready to launch the program for full use. There have only been 3 staff members that have worked through the Professional Development Course. It is important to become familiar with Canvas before it launches. Please log in to your Canvas account and continue your Professional Development so you are not left behind. If you do not have a Canvas account, please submit a technology request to FMX. CLICK HERE to access the PD Course on Canvas

CLICK HERE to submit a request for access to Canvas




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