OPA Support Services has a lot of projects lined up for this summer.  We hope that these projects will help provide an even better experience for the staff and students at OPA next year.

  • New Equipment and Equipment Refurbishing – As always, OPA Support will be reconditioning all the current equipment in the building as well as on-boarding all new equipment purchases planned for 2016-2017.  We are going to have a lot of new and different approaches to the management of these devices which require some initial setup that we look forward to accomplishing.  Please remember that you will be turning in all school issued devices at the end of the year (no later than May 27th).  More details to come about the turn in process.
  • Facilities Management System – We are excited to roll out a new Facilities Management System that will help Support and Administration manage Things like Inventory, Maintenance, Work Orders, IT Assets, preventative schedules, and much more…  By the time the system is fully up and running, we will have a complete inventory of everything at OPA from computers to erasers and pencils which will allow us to manage our product levels better and provide staff with the products they need without overstepping our budgets.
  • Wireless System Updates – OPA Support filed for additional government funding this year to add additional services to our Wireless System.  We are hoping to be funding for this project over the summer and have the new hardware installed at that time.  This project will put a wireless access point in every learning environment at Ogden Prep, very exciting!
  • Print Management System – Over the Summer OPA Support and Les Olsen will be installing a new print management system that will allow OPA Support to manage all the printers in both buildings from one central location.  The system is very unique in that it ties in with your Ogden Prep Google Account and therefore eliminates the print code and copy code requirements.  No matter what printer you print to, or copy machine you make copies from, we will be able to manage all of it.  It will help us pursue our green solutions plan further by eliminating wasteful printing.
  • The Tech Graveyard – OPA Support plans to fully recycle all the old equipment clogging up the 3rd grade hall Harry Potter Closet.  This has been a crazy process due to Title 1 restriction, but once the Inventory system is implemented, we should easily be able to record all of those items and mark them as “out of service” fullfilling our Title 1 obligation and allowing us to remove them from the building.
  • Maintenance Monitoring – OPA Support will be on call the entire summer for any emergency situation, but will also be routinely monitoring maintenance concerns and addressing all the issues that came up during the school year (i.e. water leaks, elevators, etc.)

We hope that this productive and eventful summer project list will help us get prepared to have a great 2016-2017 school year!



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